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Short Film Voiceovers
Audio Description IV Poirot
Soft Suggestive Sell
Science Documentary
Insurance Commercial
Hard Sell TV Promo
Podcast Compilation
Sega Sizzler
Historical Documentary I
Emmerdale Breakfast Radio Announcer
Audio Description I EastEnders
Legal Claim Commercial
Medical Podcast I
Audio Description III Ashes to Ashes
Humorous Sell
Audio Description II Reggie Perrin
Business Podcast
Medical Commercial
Audio Tour Guide
Historical Documentary II
A Story
Tourism Commercial
News Bulletin
WebPage Instructions
A Viewers Letter

Childrens Hospital Commercial
Company IVR/OnHold
InStore Announcement
Real Estate Commercial
Car Commercial
3 x IVR/On-Hold Messages
Industrial DVD Commentary
Charity Appeal
Game - A god speaks
Gas Announcement
PC Game Intro
Local Furniture Commercial

Security Announcement
Train Announcement
Mind The Gap
Lift Announcement
Departure Warning

Pensioner Narration - Beautiful Girls
Older Character Narration - Marriage
Middle-age Narration - Veal
Character Narration - Sanctity