Hello!   Thank you for visiting my dedicated Podcast and e-Learning page here at PhilPhonic.

I specialise in speaking good, clear British English, with varying degrees of formality, to suit any  project.

I can either use an RP ('Queen's English') delivery,  appropriate for official podcasts and formal e-learning pieces, or a more relaxed, chatty delivery, for less formal pieces.     But whichever style you prefer, you will find my diction is always clear, authoritative and easy to listen to.   (Free, no obligation, sample extracts of your scripts can be provided for approval prior to a recording session.)

For my rates and details of what is included in those rates, please see my Rates page.    

For a quotation,  please just get in touch, remembering to tell me how long your piece is, either in words or final estimated duration!

Thank you!